Public Sector Employees


The special people who make things happen!

Are you a public sector employee? Better yet are you one of the hardest working members of our community that are rarely recognized for your sacrifice and commitments? If you are a teacher, city, county or state employee please take notice.


It is a fact that, many of the public sector work places around the country do not have a specific financial program for the employees that work there. The employers and unions do their best to provide options for their team members to participate in. The challenge is there is no consistency or defined financial path. In fear of looking as if they are showing favoritism to one vendor or another, they seem to let everyone in.


Providing diversity in financial options can be a good thing, but in the cases I have seen and worked with, too many options creates confusion. NLS has developed a dynamic but simple program for public sector employees like yourselves. This path to financial success provides a simple portfolio of products and options that meet any need or situation. Please contact NLS so we can share our professional experience and expertise with you. I promise you it will make a difference. There is no obligation on your part and its free. Is your financial freedom and security worth an hour of your time? It is to us!

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