Union & Employee Benefits


Member and employee benefits should include great products & great service

Developing a member and employee benefits program can be a complicated process. Most leaders of these organizations typically are not experts in this field. Therefore, they must depend on a professional who is very knowledgeable and trustworthy when selecting the proper plan. Balancing the relationship between the products offered and the premium paid is very important. In today’s business environment it is getting harder to retain good team members. One way to add value to your organization is by providing additional supplemental benefit packages.


Benefit packages can be designed for any situation or circumstance. NLS is very proud to represent some of the largest unions in the state of Nevada with their supplemental benefits packages. In addition we build key employee benefit packages for executives. We also provide great products and the absolute best service. There is nothing worse that putting a benefits package in place and then being left to figure it out by yourself.


NLS provides not only a professional experience, but we also provide a personal and caring touch when it matters most. Please contact NLS and schedule a time for us to visit you at your organization to conduct a free evaluation and consultation.

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